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The Most Admired Brands in Botswana, All Kasi Ranks Number One in Indigenous Sports Clothing

Posted by Njeri Wangari on December 11, 2017

Sports clothing brands All Kasi and Nike rank among the top most admired brands in Botswana.  All Kasi clinched the title of the nation's most favorite brand, as sportswear dominates local and international markets, a recently GeoPoll survey revealed.

Indigenous-Brands-Botswana.jpgGeoPoll has released a nationwide report with findings on the country’s most admired brands and the biggest challenges facing the population as it announces the launch of its services in Botswana.

The survey of top ranking brands lists Botswana's most admired brands.  The findings were compiled after a nationwide survey that engaged over 500 Botswana respondents via an SMS poll.  The respondents, drawn from different regions, were asked to name which three local and international brands they most admired.  The repondents were also asked to rank the top brands by category with a focus on media, insurance, financial services and food and beverage.  

This report was conducted through GeoPoll’s robust mobile survey platform, and establishes the most admired local and global brands as well as the challenges faced by the general population, the youth and women in Botswana. From commissioning of the research to completion of data analysis, GeoPoll took only three days, demonstrating the power and reach of mobile in Botswana as well as the pace of mobile data collection. 

Download the Full report as well as the full infographic of the survey. 



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