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World Cup Semifinal Viewing Numbers

Posted by Roxana Elliott on July 11, 2014

The two World Cup Semifinals were played this week, and below are the viewership numbers, which we compiled based on GeoPoll's daily mobile surveys which measure television and radio viewership. We found that the first game, where host nation Brazil was easily defeated by Germany 1-7,  was more popular across Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, and Tanzania, than the second semifinal, Argentina vs. The Netherlands.  This is not alltogether surprising, as in our pre-World Cup survey we found that out of 10 African nations, 36% thought Brazil would win the World Cup, followed by Germany at 11%.  

Across all 5 nations, the first semifinal was viewed by 22.5 million, while the second was viewed by 18.4 million. The difference was especially pronounced in Kenya, where 3.7 million watched the Brazil-Germany match, and only 2.0 million watched Netherlands-Argentina. 3.7 million represents about 8% of the total Kenyan population, and 17.8% of Kenyan adults who are regular media consumers. 

Below is a graph taken from our Audience Measurement Service, which shows viewership numbers in Kenya. KBC, not normally a popular prime-time channel, is the only channel airing games in Kenya, and as you can see, the peaks are dramatic. The full semifinal numbers, broken down by country, are below.

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Lightning talk about GeoPoll TV Measurement at Data Science DC

Posted by Max Richman on July 9, 2014

DC is full of great opportunities to meet like-minded professionals.  The Data Community DC (DC2), in particular, hosts a variety of enlightening meetups for data professionals.  A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to give an eight-minute lightning talk organized by Data Science DC.  Myself and six other data scientists presented various tools, techniques, and methods to an audience at the George Washington University. 

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Popular World Cup Teams and Gender Trends

Posted by Maura Keane on July 8, 2014

The World Cup is down to four countries competing for the title: Brazil, Germany, Argentina and the Netherlands, and Africa has consistently tuned in to watch in astonishing numbers. Throughout the 2014 World Cup, GeoPoll’s Audience Measurement Service, which measures daily TV viewership through mobile surveys, has been running in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. The data we have received highlights Africa’s true love and passion for football. Below we will share some in-depth insights on team popularity, gender breakdown, and viewership in Africa compared to the US.

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World Cup: Ghana tunes out after loss, Brazil remains popular

Posted by Roxana Elliott on July 1, 2014

We are now well into the Round of 16 of the World Cup, and are still seeing high levels of interest in the games from the 5 African countries included in GeoPoll's Audience Measurement service, which measures daily TV viewership through mobile surveys. Last Thursday, Ghana played against Portugal in a last-ditch effort to make it to the next round, but lost 2-1 to Portugal, and both teams failed to make it past the so-called "Group of Death". 

3 million Ghanaian viewers tuned in to see their loss on Thursday, down from the 3.7 million who watched the crucial Ghana-Germany game. Since then, viewership of World Cup matches in Ghana has gone down, although audience size during World Cup games remains higher than average. So far, at most 2.1 million have tuned in to the Round of 16 games in Ghana.  Below you can see Ghanaian viewership over time.  As demonstrated, Ghana viewership has gone down as the World Cup has progressed, with notable exceptions during Ghana's own matches. 

We have also measured viewership across Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, and Tanzania, and over the past few days of play found that the Nigeria-France and Brazil-Chile games have been most popular. 23.7 million adults across the 5 countries watched Nigeria lose to France, and even more watched the Brazil-Chile game on Saturday: 24.9 million tuned in to that match.  On Sunday, the most popular match was Netherlands-Mexico, which drew 20.1 million.  We will release more in-depth insights on the most popular teams and matches in the next few days, and make sure to keep following us on twitter @GeoPoll for daily viewership updates! 

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Predicted World Cup Winners Change Over Time

Posted by Roxana Elliott on June 27, 2014

Last week we shared the World Cup predictions from 10 African nations: Benin, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Kenya, Niger, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, and Uganda, and found that 36% of respondents thought Brazil would win, followed by Germany at 11%.  After collecting data for two weeks now, some interesting trends have emerged. 

As shown in the chart below, two teams have begun to stand out from the crowd in terms of their perceived chances of winning the World Cup. From the beginning, our survey respondents across Africa thought Brazil was likely to win, but as demonstrated below, Germany also became a popular answer after they won their game against Portugal decisively on the 16th of June: on the 17th, many more respondents chose Germany as their tournament winner.  Respondents lost some confidence in Brazil after their 0-0 tie with Mexico on the 17th, but regained it after their 4-1 win against Cameroon.

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Ghana vs. Germany Game Gets High Viewership

Posted by Roxana Elliott on June 24, 2014

The Group Round of the World Cup ends this Thursday June 26th, and tensions are high as teams vie for places in the upcoming Round of 16. As we revealed earlier, the first game Ghana played, which aired at 10pm local time, did not have as high a viewership as some other games in Ghana. However, this weekend Ghana played Germany, a crucial game for them after their loss to the US, and the viewership numbers show a much different story.

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World Cup Predictions from Across Africa

Posted by Roxana Elliott on June 20, 2014

We've already shared some of our findings on the popularity of the World Cup's opening game, and the first 5 days of play. Today we are turning away from TV viewership numbers, and taking a look at what teams GeoPoll respondents think are most likely to win the World Cup. We have been sending a survey every day to GeoPoll users in 10 African nations asking "Who do you think will win the World Cup?", and below you can see the initial results. We will update these results each week to show how respondents change their answers as more games are played and some teams leave the competition altogether. 

The below findings are compiled from 10 countries: Benin, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Kenya, Niger, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, and Uganda. Overall, 36% of respondents think Brazil will win, followed by Germany at 11%.  Only 7% and 8% thought Ghana and Nigeria will win, respectively. 

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Nigeria vs. Iran World Cup Game Draws 17.5 Million Nigerian Viewers

Posted by Roxana Elliott on June 18, 2014

Today we released initial findings on TV ratings, audience size and demographics following the first games of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The data, gathered via mobile surveys in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda, provides a first-ever glimpse of the fans who are tuning into the World Cup in these countries. Below is a breakdown of our most interesting findings, and read the full press release here.

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World Cup: Who is watching in Africa

Posted by Roxana Elliott on June 13, 2014

Yesterday the World Cup, the biggest sporting event in the world, played its opening game in Brazil. For the next few weeks as games are played, GeoPoll will be reporting on how many people were watching, what stations were most popular, and more, from 5 African nations: Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania. These ratings are part of our Audience Measurement Service, which delivers overnight ratings data, and are the only audience measurement statistics delivering data from these 5 nations, two of which (Ghana and Nigeria) are also playing in the World Cup. 

Below we've presented two different measures- the size of the audience watching in each country, and what percentage of the total population that represents, and the audience share.  Audience share shows the percentage of people currently watching TV who were watching the World Cup: if 100 people in Ghana were watching TV and 50 were tuned into the World Cup, the share is 50%. 

We found that the largest amount of viewers were watching in Ghana: 3.5million, or almost 14% of the total population. In Nigeria, which has a much larger population, 10.25million were watching, or about 6% of the population. See more statistics below. 

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