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The Growth of Technology Innovation in Africa

Posted by Maura Keane on September 4, 2014

Last month, over 40 Heads of State visited the United States to discuss trade and investment in Africa, as well as America’s commitment to Africa’s security. The Africa Summit brought attention to the fact that Africa is the new entrepreneurial frontier. Africa is making its way on the economic map of the world, and the opportunities for African businesses and international corporations are huge: The World Bank reported economic growth for Sub-Saharan Africa, rose from 4.7 percent in 2013 to 5.2 percent in 2014, making it one of the fastest growing economic areas in the world.

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GeoPoll at Santa Clara Strata Conference 2014 - Infrastructure, insights and impact

Posted by Max Richman on February 19, 2014

From February 11 to 13, GeoPoll chief Data Scientist Max Richman attended the 2014 O'Reilly Strata conference in Santa Clara, California.  On Wednesday, he gave his talk about lessons learned at GeoPoll sending millions of surveys around the world. He also held office hours on Thursday to follow-up on interest from his talk.  Below are some reflections on the conference.

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