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The International Marketing Research Process : A Guide

Posted by Njeri Wangari on March 23, 2018

GeoPoll has conducted marketing research in Africa, Asia, and other emerging areas for over 5 years. When we first got started, we were the new kid in the marketing research class, the one who shows up with fancy tech gadgets and can’t wait to show them off. Our mobile-first data collection methodology, which allows for remote data collection through SMS, mobile web, and other mobile modes, sought to redefine data collection methods from the face-to-face approach heralded by Daniel Starch and his contemporary George Gallup. We recognized that face-to-face and landline-based data collection was an ineffective way of conducting research in countries which have poor infrastructure and low landline penetration, and aimed to disrupt the industry by launching technology based research - an approach that befits the current digital era, where more people globally have access to mobile phones than electricity.

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