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Ghana TV Ratings: UTV and TV3 are Top Stations

Posted by Roxana Elliott on December 3, 2014

Ghana has one of the most diverse and applauded media landscapes in Africa; their press has been free since 1992, when a new democratic constitution was introduced, and the country scores high on press freedom from groups such as Reporters without Borders and Freedom House. In 2014 Ghana ranked #27 on Reporters Without Borders' World Press Freedom Index, ahead of the United States and United Kingdom, and behind only two other African nations, Namibia and Cape Verde.  

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Insights on Ebola from Sierra Leone and Liberia

Posted by Roxana Elliott on November 21, 2014

A global crisis such as Ebola requires fast, targeted action, and, as USAID's Administrator Rajiv Shah said last week, "the success of the Ebola response is access to real-time data". GeoPoll's own CEO, James Eberhard, recently penned an Op-Ed which similarly argues that better data is crucial to tracking and stopping the spread of Ebola. 

At GeoPoll, we're working with partners worldwide to monitor the spread of the disease and understand the long-term effects of Ebola. Our ongoing work with the World Food Programme has already provided valuable data on food security in Sierra Leone, and the WFP has also just released findings from our surveys in Liberia, and Guinea.  All 3 countries are currently affected by food insecurity, and the regions where Ebola is most prevalent have even more fragile food security than surrounding areas.  

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Bukedde 1 and NTV in Competition for Ugandan TV viewers

Posted by Roxana Elliott on November 11, 2014

Uganda's media industry is thriving, and the introduction of several new television stations over the past decade has increased competition for viewers. Until the early 2000s the state-run channel, Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC) had virtually no competition, but since then several new channels have been introduced, with some taking over UBC's lead in viewers. NTV Uganda, part of Nation Media Group which operates throughout East Africa, was launched in 2006 and is one of the most popular stations currently. Bukkede1 and Bukkede2, part of the New Vision media group, are also popular among Ugandan viewers. 

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Citizen TV Dominates Kenya Viewership and The Churchill Show Brings in Millions for NTV

Posted by Roxana Elliott on November 3, 2014

In September we examined TV ratings in Kenya over three months, and here we are presenting a more detailed analysis of Kenyan TV viewership in October. According to BuzzKenya, there are over 15 local TV stations in Kenya, but both GeoPoll's data and information from The Kenya Advertising Research Foundation demonstrate that only a few dominate in terms of audience size.

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Popular TV Stations and Viewing Times In Nigeria

Posted by Roxana Elliott on September 30, 2014

Today we're looking at the top television stations in Nigeria and how they fared for viewership in the months of June, July, and August. As with our blogs on Kenyan and Ghanaian TV ratings, this data comes from our Audience Measurement Service, a panel-based survey which produces daily data on TV & Radio ratings. Nigeria has the largest population of any country in Africa, and the economy is growing quickly, so it's interesting to look at how television stations are competing for viewers. 

Top Stations
In June, NTA, which is the government-run station and one of the largest and oldest stations in Nigeria, had the most viewers with a total of over 3.355 billion views over the course of the month. Close behind NTA in June was Africa Magic, a more entertainment-focused channel, who had 3.074 billion views. AIT, cable sports channel SuperSport, and Channels TV rounded out the top 5 channels in June. In fact, these 5 stations were the top 5 stations in Nigeria for June, July, and August.  The only change we saw in the top channel rankings over the summer was that in July Africa Magic slightly beat out NTA in terms of viewers. 

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Kenya Summer TV Station Rankings

Posted by Maura Keane on September 22, 2014

Our Audience Measurement Service collects daily data on TV and Radio ratings, and last week we shared the performance of top TV channels in Ghana. Today we are looking at the summer TV ratings for Kenya. Survey respondents are able to pick the following top stations in Kenya: Citizen, KBC, KTN, NTV, K24, QTV, KissTV, Family, and  GBS. GeoPoll also gives respondents the option to select "other" as the TV station they were watching, and manually type in a different station. 

During the month of June, Citizen was a clear choice as the favorite station for Kenyans. Citizen had 1.414 billion total views during June. KBC was the second choice with 565 million views. KBC was the only station that had rights to air the World Cup games, which contributed to their high viewership. KTN and NTV were close to tying for third with only 42 million views between the two.

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Ghana Summer TV Station Rankings

Posted by Maura Keane on September 15, 2014

GeoPoll measures TV ratings daily in several African countries, and using our Audience Measurement Service we were able to track TV ratings over the summer and see how stations fared each month. Today we are looking at the summer TV ratings for Ghana. Our service collects ratings from the most popular stations in Ghana, determined by our own research and open-ended surveys: UTV, TV3, GTV, AdomTV, CineAfrik, Viasat1, JoyTV, and MetroTV.

For the month of June, TV3 was the most watched station with 687,873,625 total viewers. UTV came in a close second with 608,422,222. TV3 and GTV were the only Ghana stations that had rights to air the World Cup, explaining the high ratings

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World Cup Semifinal Viewing Numbers

Posted by Roxana Elliott on July 11, 2014

The two World Cup Semifinals were played this week, and below are the viewership numbers, which we compiled based on GeoPoll's daily mobile surveys which measure television and radio viewership. We found that the first game, where host nation Brazil was easily defeated by Germany 1-7,  was more popular across Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, and Tanzania, than the second semifinal, Argentina vs. The Netherlands.  This is not alltogether surprising, as in our pre-World Cup survey we found that out of 10 African nations, 36% thought Brazil would win the World Cup, followed by Germany at 11%.  

Across all 5 nations, the first semifinal was viewed by 22.5 million, while the second was viewed by 18.4 million. The difference was especially pronounced in Kenya, where 3.7 million watched the Brazil-Germany match, and only 2.0 million watched Netherlands-Argentina. 3.7 million represents about 8% of the total Kenyan population, and 17.8% of Kenyan adults who are regular media consumers. 

Below is a graph taken from our Audience Measurement Service, which shows viewership numbers in Kenya. KBC, not normally a popular prime-time channel, is the only channel airing games in Kenya, and as you can see, the peaks are dramatic. The full semifinal numbers, broken down by country, are below.

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Popular World Cup Teams and Gender Trends

Posted by Maura Keane on July 8, 2014

The World Cup is down to four countries competing for the title: Brazil, Germany, Argentina and the Netherlands, and Africa has consistently tuned in to watch in astonishing numbers. Throughout the 2014 World Cup, GeoPoll’s Audience Measurement Service, which measures daily TV viewership through mobile surveys, has been running in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. The data we have received highlights Africa’s true love and passion for football. Below we will share some in-depth insights on team popularity, gender breakdown, and viewership in Africa compared to the US.

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World Cup: Ghana tunes out after loss, Brazil remains popular

Posted by Roxana Elliott on July 1, 2014

We are now well into the Round of 16 of the World Cup, and are still seeing high levels of interest in the games from the 5 African countries included in GeoPoll's Audience Measurement service, which measures daily TV viewership through mobile surveys. Last Thursday, Ghana played against Portugal in a last-ditch effort to make it to the next round, but lost 2-1 to Portugal, and both teams failed to make it past the so-called "Group of Death". 

3 million Ghanaian viewers tuned in to see their loss on Thursday, down from the 3.7 million who watched the crucial Ghana-Germany game. Since then, viewership of World Cup matches in Ghana has gone down, although audience size during World Cup games remains higher than average. So far, at most 2.1 million have tuned in to the Round of 16 games in Ghana.  Below you can see Ghanaian viewership over time.  As demonstrated, Ghana viewership has gone down as the World Cup has progressed, with notable exceptions during Ghana's own matches. 

We have also measured viewership across Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, and Tanzania, and over the past few days of play found that the Nigeria-France and Brazil-Chile games have been most popular. 23.7 million adults across the 5 countries watched Nigeria lose to France, and even more watched the Brazil-Chile game on Saturday: 24.9 million tuned in to that match.  On Sunday, the most popular match was Netherlands-Mexico, which drew 20.1 million.  We will release more in-depth insights on the most popular teams and matches in the next few days, and make sure to keep following us on twitter @GeoPoll for daily viewership updates! 

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