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TechChange Features GeoPoll in its “Mobiles for International Development” Course

Posted by Njeri Wangari on September 19, 2017

TechChange’s “Mobiles for International Development” online professional development course featured GeoPoll this month. In a live lecture and demo session titled “New Approaches to Mobile Surveys & Polling,” GeoPoll discussed how mobile phones can be utilized for data collection and targeted information delivery regarding beneficiaries on donor-funded international development projects.

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GeoPoll’s Media Ratings Methodology; Adherence to the Statistics Laws

Posted by Njeri Wangari on September 11, 2017

GeoPoll's flagship product Kantar GeoPoll Media Measurement (KGMM) has, since its launch in 2014, been in compliance with regional and international market research standards. KGMM is the leading provider of overnight media ratings in Africa and is currently available  in Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria,Tanzania, Ghana, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Mozambique, DRC, Rwanda, Cote D’Ivore and Liberia.

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Topics: market research compliance, KGMM methodology, geopoll tanzania, media research tanzania, geopoll media ratings

Out of Home Media Takes a Stand at #PAMRO2017

Posted by Njeri Wangari on September 8, 2017

 As media fragmentation becomes more prevalent than ever, it’s changing the way audiences consume both media and brand messages. Data has become the oil for consumer marketing.
So, how do media researchers adapt to this changing nature of media and consumer trends? Could the billboard poster, whether static or digital be the most effective and impactful medium to reach the masses or the new nich markets?

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Topics: Out Of Home Media, OOH, Outdoor Advertising, PAMRO 2017

Measuring the Impact of Radio Programming on Banana Farmers in Uganda

Posted by Njeri Wangari on September 1, 2017

In July 2017, GeoPoll implemented a targeted survey in order to understand the impact of a series of interactive rural radio programs produced by Farm Radio International (FRI). The survey was conducted in the Bushenyi and Kasese districts of Uganda and sought to gain insight about best practices for banana cultivation. Listeners and non-listeners in the population were assessed, and the survey measured any differences in behavior change between them.

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We Celebrate Data & Research at Nairobi Garage’s After Office Hours

Posted by Njeri Wangari on August 25, 2017

What’s the role of data and information in today's business world? 

The term big data has in recent times become a buzz word in describing large volumes of data. However, it’s not the amount of data that’s important, it’s how businesses are able to draw insights from it for the purpose of continuity and edge.
We’re in a digital age and data is being generated everywhere around us. Businesses, whether big or small, have to be specific about the insights drawn from their data basing  it on their field, what they need in order to have an edge over their competition, and how best to ensure continuity of their business. 

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Topics: After Office Hours, Big Data, Research in business, JP Murunga, Nairobi Garage

GeoPoll goes to PAMRO 2017, A Conference on Media Research in Africa

Posted by Njeri Wangari on August 16, 2017

The 18th PAMRO All Africa Media Research Conference will take place  in Cape Town, South Africa from 27 – 30 August 2017.  We are proud to sponsor this  year's edition once again. The annual conference which brings together media researchers,  media buyers, ad agencies, creative, digital, media planning, media sales, public relations and content producers together for a 3 day event, will be an opportunity for African Media stakeholders to engage and interract on the media landscape in Africa.

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Topics: PAMRO, Media Research in Africa, GeoPoll at PAMRO 2017

Who Owns the Media in Ghana; A Research Project

Posted by Njeri Wangari on August 3, 2017

In March 2017, GeoPoll partnered with Reporters Without Borders and the Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA) for a research project on media ownership in Ghana.

The report which was launched in Accra, Ghana on 25th July 2017 titled ‘Media Ownership Monitor’, is based on extensive research that maps out the current ownership status of media in the country as well as focus on the legal framework that regulates the media space in Ghana.

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Topics: Media in Ghana,, Media Ownership Monitor, Transparency in Ghana Media

GeoPoll Recruits Employers of Kenyan Youth for K-YES Program

Posted by Njeri Wangari on July 31, 2017

In June 2017, GeoPoll conducted a pilot utilizing short-message service (SMS) and computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) data collection to locate and recruit potential employers in Kenya. The activity supports the USAID Kenya Youth Employment and Skills Program (K-YES) in identifying employment opportunities for project beneficiaries. Through SMS data collection, GeoPoll solved a problem that K-YES had encountered in recruiting employers through other methods: employers would fill positions within weeks of a position becoming available, so by the time the project was able to connect with potential employers, positions had already been filled

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Topics: Kenyan Youth Employment, KYES program, USAID Youth Program

GeoPoll Releases African Media Ratings for Quarter Two 2017

Posted by Njeri Wangari on July 31, 2017

As Kenyans prepare to go into a general election in a weeks time, a recent survey by GeoPoll and Portland indicates that mainstream media is still the most trusted source of news and information on election news with TV and Radio leading. GeoPoll continues to provide overnight media ratings for  Radio and TV which continue be most popular broadcast media in Africa, GeoPoll has analyzed the top TV and Top Radio Stations in 8 African Countries for the second quarter of 2017. 

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Topics: TV, Top TV stations, Media Measurement, top radio stations, audience ratings, KGMM, media rankings africa, quarter 2 media ratings

Kenya's Presidential Debate attracts 9.6 Million Viewers – GeoPoll

Posted by Njeri Wangari on July 30, 2017

On 24th July 2017, seven television stations in Kenya showed a live broadcast of the 2017 Kenyan Presidential debate. Approximately 9.6 Million viewers countrywide were tuned in according to GeoPoll.

The viewership numbers captured through GeoPoll’s Media Measurement service less than 2 weeks to Kenya’s general elections give some interesting insights on viewership of the debate which was broadcast from 1700 to 2130hrs local time.

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