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The Rise of Digital Advertisement Consumption Among Youth in Sub-Saharan Africa

Posted by Njeri Wangari on October 31, 2017

Youth in Sub-Saharan Africa encounter more digital advertisements on a daily basis than any other form of advertisement. The number of Internet users and their daily usage continues to surge as audiences shift away from TV, radio and  print media, a recent GeoPoll Straw Poll finds.*

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Topics: African Youth Consumers, Digital Advertisements, Media Consumption in Africa

GeoPoll, NBS & Ministry of Information agree to collaborate on cutting edge media research for the benefit of the people of Tanzania

Posted by Njeri Wangari on October 27, 2017

The GeoPoll team was honored to meet with Dr. Albina Chuwa, the Director General National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) of Tanzania, and her team.  Also at the meeting was Casmir Ndambalilo, Acting Director of Information from the Ministry of Information, Culture, Arts and Sports. 

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Topics: GeoPoll NBS Collaboration, GeoPoll meeting with NBS, Steve Gutterman in Tanzania

GeoPoll CEO in Tanzania for talks with NBS Director Dr. Albina Chuwa

Posted by Njeri Wangari on October 24, 2017

Steve Gutterman, our CEO, is in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania for a meeting with Dr. Albina Chuwa, the Director General of the National Bureau of Statistics, and other government officials. 

The meeting will focus on media research and data collection.  The GeoPoll delegation is looking forward to meeting with Dr. Chuwa, an expert in the field of research.

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Topics: Dr.Albina Chuwa, Steve Gutterman, GeoPoll in Tanzania, National Bureau of Statistics Tanzania

Measuring Socioeconomic Status: Applying Living Standard Measurement Questions in Mobile Research

Posted by Njeri Wangari on October 23, 2017

Through six living standards questions, GeoPoll is able to effectively measure respondents’ socioeconomic status across all mobile surveying modes

Living Standard Measurement (LSM)
GeoPoll asks a series of easy-to-answer living standard measurement questions (LSM) that allow results to be categorized into socioeconomic statuses. GeoPoll uses questions that are based on the 2015 TNS Pan-African Socio-Economic Status (SES) measurement developed by Neil Higgs and Heidi Swanepoel of the TNS South Africa Innovation Team.

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Topics: GeoPoll LSM Tool, LSM in Mobile Research, Living Standard Measure (LSM), Socio-Economic Status (SES)

What does it take to dominate the oral health care market in Kenya?

Posted by Njeri Wangari on September 29, 2017

Colgate has, for a long time, defined the toothpaste category in Kenya. The Colgate- Palmolive Company owned brand is a dominant player in the Kenyan oral care- toothpaste market and currently controls over half (59%) of the usage share in the market according to the GeoPoll’s Brand health trackerwhich has been collecting daily usage data on oral care since 2014.

So what is the secret behind Colgate’s continued success and domination of a market that has such formidable players as Aquafresh, Close up and Sensodyne among others?

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Topics: GeoPoll Brand Health Tracker, Oral Health Care in Kenya, Colgate brand, Oral Care Market Research

What is the State of Retail Banking in Africa’s Biggest Economies?

Posted by Njeri Wangari on September 22, 2017

Equity Bank, GT Bank and Capitec are among the most preferred banks in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa according to a recent GeoPoll Straw Poll. In an August 2017 survey conducted among 2,825 unique survey respondents in the three countries on customer satisfaction in retail banking, the level of customer service is the single biggest reason why bank account holders prefer one bank over another.

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Topics: Retail banking in Africa, Customer Satisfaction in Banking,, African Banking

TechChange Features GeoPoll in its “Mobiles for International Development” Course

Posted by Njeri Wangari on September 19, 2017

TechChange’s “Mobiles for International Development” online professional development course featured GeoPoll this month. In a live lecture and demo session titled “New Approaches to Mobile Surveys & Polling,” GeoPoll discussed how mobile phones can be utilized for data collection and targeted information delivery regarding beneficiaries on donor-funded international development projects.

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GeoPoll’s Media Ratings Methodology; Adherence to the Statistics Laws

Posted by Njeri Wangari on September 11, 2017

GeoPoll's flagship product Kantar GeoPoll Media Measurement (KGMM) has, since its launch in 2014, been in compliance with regional and international market research standards. KGMM is the leading provider of overnight media ratings in Africa and is currently available  in Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria,Tanzania, Ghana, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Mozambique, DRC, Rwanda, Cote D’Ivore and Liberia.

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Topics: market research compliance, KGMM methodology, geopoll tanzania, media research tanzania, geopoll media ratings

Out of Home Media Takes a Stand at #PAMRO2017

Posted by Njeri Wangari on September 8, 2017

 As media fragmentation becomes more prevalent than ever, it’s changing the way audiences consume both media and brand messages. Data has become the oil for consumer marketing.
So, how do media researchers adapt to this changing nature of media and consumer trends? Could the billboard poster, whether static or digital be the most effective and impactful medium to reach the masses or the new nich markets?

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Topics: Out Of Home Media, OOH, Outdoor Advertising, PAMRO 2017

Measuring the Impact of Radio Programming on Banana Farmers in Uganda

Posted by Njeri Wangari on September 1, 2017

In July 2017, GeoPoll implemented a targeted survey in order to understand the impact of a series of interactive rural radio programs produced by Farm Radio International (FRI). The survey was conducted in the Bushenyi and Kasese districts of Uganda and sought to gain insight about best practices for banana cultivation. Listeners and non-listeners in the population were assessed, and the survey measured any differences in behavior change between them.

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