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Mozambique Media Measurement, Q1 2016

Posted by John Muthee on July 6, 2016

As part of Kantar-GeoPoll Media Measurement's daily surveys on audience habits for TV, radio, and print, GeoPoll is pleased to release this report on top TV and radio stations in Mozambique for Q1, 2016. To learn more about KGMM, see a demo of the system, and sign up for an account please contact us

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Topics: TV, Media, Mozambique

Kenya's Analogue to Digital TV Switch, Part 4

Posted by John Muthee on January 15, 2016

In February 2015, Kenya TV transmission underwent a transition from analogue to digital signal, a move that required TV owners to acquire a set top box to continue to receive television signal.  

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Topics: TV, Kenya

Kenya's Analogue to Digital Migration Part 3

Posted by John Muthee on August 10, 2015

For the past six months, Kenya has been going through a transition from analogue to digital TV signals, in order to comply with the international deadline of switching all transmissions to digital by June 2015. In January, GeoPoll conducted our first survey on the switch, finding that while 88% of respondents were aware of needing a digital device to receive signal, far fewer had access to digital signal. In March we reported that 38% nationally and 53% in Nairobi had switched to a Set-Top-Box, required to receive digital TV channels. 

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Topics: TV, Kenya

Kenya's Analogue to Digital Migration Part 2

Posted by John Muthee on March 17, 2015

In January we shared initial insights on Kenya's Analogue to Digital Migration, an effort which aims to have the entire country switched to digital TV signals by June 2015. A few months into the migration, we ran another survey to gain insights on the migration and use of set top boxes in Kenya. Here are our findings: 

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Topics: TV, Kenya


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