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2016 Holiday Habits

Posted by Irene Nyokabi on December 25, 2016

As you were preparing for your December holidays, what traits did you exhibit that are synonymous with almost every household across Africa? Do you plan your trips around the LSM, the business market has placed you in? What holiday habits would a B2C marketer capitalize on to make sure the market responds to their marketing tactics and how would these habits prepare a diligent marketer for 2017?

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Black Friday yet to pick up in Kenya despite growth in e-commerce

Posted by Irene Nyokabi on November 23, 2016

Unlike other mostly western countries, where black Friday is characterized by long lines of people braving cold days and nights outside major shopping malls, in Kenya, black Friday is simply a period of days. The experience is also mostly online where a handful of sites participate with almost zero walk-in stores taking part. Normal retail prices are hugely slashed and everyone’s online bliss lands on every ad banner that will redirect them to a mecca of sites whose items are within the pocket reach of the middle to low class earners.

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Breast Cancer; the 21st Century scourge

Posted by Irene Nyokabi on November 1, 2016

October is the internationally acclaimed #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth. As I sit down to write this piece, I receive a notification from a taxi hailing app offering a Ksh500 off to and from Nairobi Hospital for breast cancer screening. It is a clear indication that many corporates are at the fore front of fighting this epidemic and I hope many of those who received the notification will use the opportunity to go for those checkups as I am planning to.

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