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Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for Research

Posted by Njeri Wangari on April 11, 2018

  Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a computer based technology that enables computer systems to detect voice and touch tones using landlines or mobile phones. IVR technology has come to re-define customer service due to its ability to provide fast, easy and cost effective feedback from customers to service providers and those interested in monitoring customer satisfaction.  The IVR auto-responder is standard for most mobile telecom operators where, whenever you call the customer service numbers, you get a voice prompt asking you to dial specific numbers depending on your support query.


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Conducting Research in Emerging Markets

Posted by Roxana Elliott on April 3, 2018

Accurate, up-to-date data on market trends, goods prices, and population statistics is vital for both commercial entities and governmental organizations to make more informed decisions, but in many areas of the world this data is extremely hard to come by. Emerging markets in Africa, Asia, and Latin America often lack basic data on development indicators, and this can hinder their growth. Likewise, brands are often hesitant to invest into a new market without an indication of their potential success, which is difficult to assess without data.

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Topics: Market Research

How Market Research Can Innovate with Integrity in 2018

Posted by Max Richman on March 30, 2018

Doing rapid, cost-effective, and high-quality market research across multiple countries has never been easy, but as businesses become increasingly global, gathering actionable data from all over the world has become more important. The challenging variety of languages, infrastructure, and local knowledge keep researchers busy, and the reality is that much of conventional market research is now living in the shadow of digital platforms that measure as they engage with online users (like Google, Facebook, and Amazon).  What can the market research community learn from these platform companies and how can market research use these learnings to continue to innovate in their own field?

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Why SMS Surveys are Still King in Africa

Posted by Njeri Wangari on March 29, 2018

In a vast continent such as Africa, data collection for research purposes has been a huge challenge not just for market research agencies but also for organisations who seek to better understand the environments they are operating in. Gone are the days when market research was defined by a printed questionnaire. The pen and paper mode of data collection, often in a face to face interaction between a researcher and a respondent, worked at a time when there were no easier, faster and more effective alternatives to collect data from Africa.

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Topics: SMS Surveys, Surveys in Africa

The International Marketing Research Process : A Guide

Posted by Njeri Wangari on March 23, 2018

GeoPoll has conducted marketing research in Africa, Asia, and other emerging areas for over 5 years. When we first got started, we were the new kid in the marketing research class, the one who shows up with fancy tech gadgets and can’t wait to show them off. Our mobile-first data collection methodology, which allows for remote data collection through SMS, mobile web, and other mobile modes, sought to redefine data collection methods from the face-to-face approach heralded by Daniel Starch and his contemporary George Gallup. We recognized that face-to-face and landline-based data collection was an ineffective way of conducting research in countries which have poor infrastructure and low landline penetration, and aimed to disrupt the industry by launching technology based research - an approach that befits the current digital era, where more people globally have access to mobile phones than electricity.

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Topics: Marketing Research Guide, research process

Household fuel consumption in Africa

Posted by Njeri Wangari on March 14, 2018

Over 700 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa depend on solid biomass fuels to meet their cooking and heating energy needs, but to date, there has been scarce information on household fuel patterns across Africa and how they differ based on location, income, and other factors. While the urban poor in many parts of the world rely on purchased firewood and kerosene, those in rural areas and households with a higher income often rely on other fuel sources.

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Topics: mobile survey, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Household fuel

African Millennials: The Myths, The Reality

Posted by Njeri Wangari on March 9, 2018

African Millennials who were born from the early 1980s until around the turn of the new millennium are perceived as having changed the world’s understanding of Africa, bringing it from a ‘dark continent’ to ‘Africa rising’ through blogging and social media (#SomeoneTellCNN). They are often thought of as mobile, connected, and tech savvy, founders of tech startups that begins with the abbreviation ‘M’ – for mobile, artists who don’t care much about their oppressive governments, but will tweet about it - #ZumaMustFall.

Is this an accurate is description of African millennials?

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Topics: African Millennials

GeoPoll Report on the Kenya Media Shutdown

Posted by Roxana Elliott on February 21, 2018

On 30th January 2018, four Kenyan TV channels were taken off air following a government enforced directive.  KTN News, NTV, Citizen TV and Inooro TV, which usually command over 50% of total TV viewership, were switched off due to their coverage of a controversial event by the opposition party leader Raila Odinga. NTV & KTN News were switched back on after 7 days, on February 5th, while Citizen TV & Inooro TV remained switched off until February 8th.

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Topics: Kenya media shutdown

Understanding African Millennials; A Misunderstood Generation at #AMRA2018

Posted by Njeri Wangari on February 14, 2018

Mention the word millennials in a gathering and you may hear the words ‘entitled’,’ lazy’, and ‘narcissistic,’ among other adjectives. The millennial generation, typically thought of as those born from the early 1980s to the mid 1990s, and their habits around shopping, online activity, and news consumption, has been the subject of much discussion among marketers worldwide, including in Africa.

Update: Our presentation on African Millennials was among the winners at the AMRA 2018 Forum scooping the 3rd overall best presentation. 

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Topics: African Millennials

Quarter 4 2017 Media Ratings & Audience Share in Africa & Middle East

Posted by Njeri Wangari on February 6, 2018

Mediawebsite.pngWith the general lack of precise, granular media audience measurement data in most African markets, media buying has tended to adopt a “scatter-gun” approach. Brands and agencies hedge their bets in their advertising expenditure, distributing their ad spend across a variety of channels and timeslots to ensure that their target market is adequately reached with advertising. This should not be happening in a digital age.

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Topics: TV, Top TV stations, Media Measurement, top radio stations, audience ratings, KGMM, media rankings africa, Quarter 3 media ratings


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