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Online Shoppers in Sub-Saharan Africa still don’t trust e-commerce sites despite adoption of Black Friday

Posted by Njeri Wangari on December 20, 2016

A majority of  Sub-Saharan Africans do not trust online shopping sites, this is according to a recent GeoPoll  survey conducted in 5 African countries; Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, South Africa and Ghana on online shopping following a Black Friday frenzy seen in Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa.

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Adom TV & Peace FM dominate Ghana Media on Election day

Posted by Njeri Wangari on December 9, 2016

On Wednesday 7th December, the day Ghanaians went  into Presidential elections, Adom TV and Peace FM commanded the highest audiences with over 1.2M respondents saying they had watched the Adom TV station at 20:30 hrs and 910,000 respondents saying they had listened ot Peace FM at 6-8am Ghanaian time.

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Black Friday yet to pick up in Kenya despite growth in e-commerce

Posted by Irene Nyokabi on November 23, 2016

Unlike other mostly western countries, where black Friday is characterized by long lines of people braving cold days and nights outside major shopping malls, in Kenya, black Friday is simply a period of days. The experience is also mostly online where a handful of sites participate with almost zero walk-in stores taking part. Normal retail prices are hugely slashed and everyone’s online bliss lands on every ad banner that will redirect them to a mecca of sites whose items are within the pocket reach of the middle to low class earners.

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GeoPoll Releases Pan African Media Ratings for 3rd Quarter

Posted by Njeri Wangari on November 16, 2016

Using the daily data collected through GeoPoll's Media Measurement Service, GeoPoll has analyzed the top TV and Radio Stations in 8 African Countries for Q3 2016. It has been examining ratings and audience share for the top stations in Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique and Nigeria to provide media insights into markets where data is scarce.

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Safety in Kenya’s Public Transport Vehicles (Matatu)

Posted by Njeri Wangari on November 11, 2016

According to a recent GeoPoll flash survey conducted among Kenyan residents on safety using Public Transport Vehicles (Matatus), a vast majority of those who commute using Matatus have experienced harassment in form of insults.  The number of commuters who reported to have been physically violated by Matatu crew was at 41% with a majority saying they have never been victims of physical violence. According to the survey, many of these cases go unreported as most Kenyans do not think anything will change once they report.

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Kenyans think a Hillary Clinton win will improve US-Kenya relations

Posted by Njeri Wangari on November 8, 2016

 86% of Kenyans say they have been keen on the ongoing campaign between Republican hopeful Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton who is running on a Democratic ticket.  82%  think that Hillary will clinch the presidency and that this will improve the US relations with Kenya.

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Breast Cancer; the 21st Century scourge

Posted by Irene Nyokabi on November 1, 2016

October is the internationally acclaimed #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth. As I sit down to write this piece, I receive a notification from a taxi hailing app offering a Ksh500 off to and from Nairobi Hospital for breast cancer screening. It is a clear indication that many corporates are at the fore front of fighting this epidemic and I hope many of those who received the notification will use the opportunity to go for those checkups as I am planning to.

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Mobile Accord/GeoPoll becomes an SBAIC Member

Posted by Njeri Wangari on October 31, 2016

October 31, 2016 Mobile Accord, Inc. (MAI), a U.S registered small business, joined the Small Business Association for International Compani6es (SBAIC) this month as a full member.

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TV and Radio Audience Statistics in Ghana, Q3 2016

Posted by Kodjo Botchway on October 27, 2016

Using the daily data collected through GeoPoll's Media Measurement Service, GeoPoll has analyzed the top TV stations in Ghana for Q3 2016. We examined both ratings and share for the top stations in Ghana. The below chart shows the average ratings for the top 10 stations during the peak hours, from 19:00 to 22:00.

To learn more about KGMM, see a demo of the system, and sign up for an account please contact us

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The Top Fast Moving Brands in Kenya

Posted by Njeri Wangari on October 26, 2016

Geisha, Ariel, Colgate and Guinness are among the top Fast Moving Commodity Goods (FMCG) brands in Kenya.

 In a recurring monthly mobile survey conducted by GeoPoll on household essentials from October 2014 to date with an average of 3,000 respondents per month, the report provides some interesting insights on advertisement recall, frequently purchased brands, and brands consumers would not consider buying or recommending. Data is not just available for Kenya, but all of our markets. Contact us if you're interested in ourFast Moving Commodity Goods (FMCG) data.

According to our survey, Kenyans buy bath soaps more frequently than they do toothpaste or washing powder.

Kenya's top FMCG brands according to the survey are:

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