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GeoPoll Releases Pan African & Afghanistan Media Ratings for 1st Quarter 2017

GeoPoll Supports Young Kenyans Access Youth-Friendly Services and Better Jobs

Radio Listenership Improves Farming Practices in Ghana, GeoPoll Survey Finds

Measuring Youth Sentiments about Civic Participation across Africa

Harnessing Mobile Technology to Support Liberia’s Domestic Revenue Mobilization

Mobile Gambling among Youth in Sub-Saharan Africa

GeoPoll Study on Lymphatic Filariasis Morbidity in Tanzania Published in Peer-Reviewed mHealth Journal

Brand Africa partners with GeoPoll & Kantar TNS to find Africa's Best Brands

GeoPoll becomes the only daily and Independent Media Measurement Service in Ethiopia

GeoPoll gathers community feedback for USAID Food Zone program in Kandahar Afghanistan

African Millennials; Mobile Usage and Media Consumption

Sub-Sahara African Millennials prefer bank loans to finance their side businesses

The spending habits of Youth consumers in Sub Sahara Africa

GeoPoll Releases Pan African Media Ratings for 4th Quarter 2016

GeoPoll Presents Media Measurement Data at the Liberia Media Market Forum

In Their Own Words; A Survey of Miners on Health, Safety & Child Labor  in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

2016 Holiday Habits

Online Shoppers in Sub-Saharan Africa still don’t trust e-commerce sites despite adoption of Black Friday

Adom TV & Peace FM dominate Ghana Media on Election day

Black Friday yet to pick up in Kenya despite growth in e-commerce

GeoPoll Releases Pan African Media Ratings for 3rd Quarter

Safety in Kenya’s Public Transport Vehicles (Matatu)

Kenyans think a Hillary Clinton win will improve US-Kenya relations

Breast Cancer; the 21st Century scourge

Mobile Accord/GeoPoll becomes an SBAIC Member

TV and Radio Audience Statistics in Ghana, Q3 2016

The Top Fast Moving Brands in Kenya

TV and Radio Ratings for the Democratic Republic of Congo

Mozambique Media Measurement, Q1 2016

Leveraging Mobile Surveys to Monitor Labor Rights Violations in Emerging Markets

TV and Radio Audience Statistics in Ghana, Q1 2016

TV and Radio Ratings in Tanzania, Q1 2016

Top TV and Radio Stations in Uganda, Q1 2016

Nigerian Media Habits, Q1 2016

TV and Radio Trends in Kenya, Q1 2016

GeoPoll On Demand: Collect Fast, Custom Data from Africa

Top TV Stations in Nigeria and Ghana, Q4 2015

Top TV Stations in Kenya and Tanzania, Q4 2015

Spending Habits and Perceptions of the Economy in Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa

Top TV Stations in Uganda and Rwanda, Q4 2015

Kenya's Analogue to Digital TV Switch, Part 4

GeoPoll's Top Five of 2015

TV Ratings in Nigeria, Q3 2015

Top TV Stations in Rwanda, Q3 2015

GIBA Partnership and Top TV Stations in Ghana, Q3 2015

Tips for Integrating Mobile Data Collection into International Development

Top TV Stations in Kenya, July - September 2015

Top TV Stations in Tanzania, July - September 2015

Top TV Stations in Uganda, July - September

Radio Ratings in Tanzania

Radio Rwanda Dominates Audience Share

Top Kenya Radio Stations, May-July

Top Radio Stations in Uganda, May-July

Radio Ratings in Nigeria, May-July 2015

Radio Ratings in Ghana, May-July 2015

Kenya's Analogue to Digital Migration Part 3

Top TV Stations in Rwanda, April - June 2015

Uganda TV Ratings, Q2 2015

Top TV Stations in Ghana, April - June 2015

TV Ratings in Tanzania, April-June 2015

Top TV Stations in Nigeria, April - June 2015

Kenya TV Ratings from April-June 2015

How to Improve Advertising Return on Investment (ROI)

Improving Ebola response through mobile data

Top Radio Stations, Rwanda

Top Radio Stations, Nigeria and Ghana

Top Radio Stations, Tanzania and Kenya

Top TV Stations in Nigeria, March 2015

Top TV Stations in Ghana, January-March

Top TV Stations in Tanzania, January-March

GeoPoll Launches Media Measurement in Rwanda

Top TV Stations in Uganda, January-March

Kenya's Analogue to Digital Migration Part 2

Mobile usage and popular brands in Africa

Data on Newspaper, Magazine Readership in Kenya

Ghana Tunes in for Close African Cup of Nations Final

GeoPoll Partners with Control Union to Connect with Farmers in Africa

Insights on Kenya's Digital TV Switchover

GeoPoll's Top Five of 2014

Tanzania Corruption Claims Bring Spike in TV Viewership

Ghana TV Ratings: UTV and TV3 are Top Stations

Insights on Ebola from Sierra Leone and Liberia

Bukedde 1 and NTV in Competition for Ugandan TV viewers

Citizen TV Dominates Kenya Viewership and The Churchill Show Brings in Millions for NTV

Ebola's Impact on Food Security: A GeoPoll-WFP Analysis

Popular TV Stations and Viewing Times In Nigeria

Kenya Summer TV Station Rankings

Ghana Summer TV Station Rankings

The Growth of Technology Innovation in Africa

Simple Questions, Powerful Answers: Part 2

Simple Questions, Powerful Answers on Energy, Health & Media in Africa: Part 1

Mobile Healthcare in the World

World Cup Semifinal Viewing Numbers

Lightning talk about GeoPoll TV Measurement at Data Science DC

Popular World Cup Teams and Gender Trends

World Cup: Ghana tunes out after loss, Brazil remains popular

Predicted World Cup Winners Change Over Time

Ghana vs. Germany Game Gets High Viewership

World Cup Predictions from Across Africa

Nigeria vs. Iran World Cup Game Draws 17.5 Million Nigerian Viewers

World Cup: Who is watching in Africa

Increasing Access to Loans in Nigeria: A USAID/GeoPoll Case Study

Top TV Channels in Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania

Announcing Overnight TV Ratings from GeoPoll

The importance of good data to drive faster food security action

Ghana TV Ratings in April

Teaching through a phone: Mobile and education in the developing world

Getting the World Online: A Roundup of Key Players and Ideas

Mobile Phones and Financial Inclusion in Three African Markets

Emerging Markets: The Next Big Thing in Mobile

GeoPoll at Santa Clara Strata Conference 2014 - Infrastructure, insights and impact

A Global North Event In Sub-Saharan Africa

GeoPoll at the Second USIP Iraq Peace Tech Camp

Accessibility and Perception of Online Education in Africa

Using Text to Give a Voice to the Voiceless

A Survey Worth A Thousand Words

Mobile Conference Recap

Working with the UN to Give the Globe a Voice

How mobile development changed Tunisian society

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